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Cologne and hair

  1. Dec 11, 2004 #1


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    Smells tend to stick to hair. If a person smokes cigarettes, you can smell it in their hair. If a person smokes weed, you can smell it in their hair. When somebody gets sprayed by a skunk, the smell stays in their hair the longest.

    If smells stay in hair, would it be a good idea to put a small amount of cologne or perfume in one's hair just so the smell is there for a longer period of time? Would there be any weird side effects like the hair changing color, or the scalp drying out?
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    Why is this in Scepticism and Debunking? Are you taunting Seeking about his avatar's hair?
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    Looks like I'm in the wrong forum again. Could somebody move this to general discussion?
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    I think this is why many shampoos have a scent. :smile:
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    Why don't you just try it out? The worst thing that can happen is a horrible mutation. The best is you smell like a pretty flower.
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    People do that. Spritz a little perfume in the air and sort of duck into it, which gets a light amount in your hair. Personally, I hate perfumes and colognes. The only scent I use is whatever is in the soap and shampoo. But, when I worked in barns often, yep, hair definitely holds the most odors; the moment the hot water would hit my hair... :yuck: I don't miss the free haircuts either...I'd be trying to get a blood sample from one goat, and another would be behind me chewing on the ends of my hair or my shirt tails.
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    Two words for hanging out with goats: Hooded sweatshirts. 'Course they eat those, too, but at least you don't get your hair belched on... :rofl: :rofl:
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