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Color blindness

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    the first reference was okay.. I can see all the numbers as normal vision.

    The wikipedia images appear faint.. the colors (of the numbers) in each image appear to be (1) light blue (2) pink (3) green and (4) purple. After staring at them for awhile I was able to identify 3 out of 4 correctly (when you click on image they give the answer)
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    The wikipedia images are really bad, they are much to bright. The Ishihara test should be the way to go. But on a computer monitor you never know for sure, because of the different kinds of monitors and the different video settings.
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    Wow, those wikipedia ones are pretty subtle all right. I've been tested before and have good colour vision (you need it to work in the photo industry), but I can barely see them enough to make out the right numbers.
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    The Ishihara tests are the "industry standard" and are used in both clinical and research seetings to dignose the type of colorblindness on has. The wikipedia images are pretty bad, but the accompanying info seems correct. I am a deuteranope who is missing the gene for green cones (I had the testing done as part of a research project on campus).
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