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Color Force

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    I know that when quarks move away from the centre of a particle the attraction force on them increases. How and why does this happen? What happens if using an extreme amount of energy you do move it away to a decent distance? If the force gets stronger as it moves away, is there any force when theyre touching?
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    This happens because the gluons interact with each other : the color (unbroken) gauge group is non-abelian. The details of how this happens are really unknown however. I am sure you will have many people telling you about their prefered model :smile:

    You will put such an amount of energy that you will create new particles.

    Good thinking : indeed, if the forces increase as quarks move away from each other, the force also decreases at short distances. We talk about asymptotic freedom versus confinement. This actually deserves to be really thought about twice. Try to imagine how puzzling this was when it has been discovered : you know that there are particles inside those hadrons (the quarks) which are so tightly bound that they cannot fly free (confinement). However, when you look closely at them, you find that they are non-interacting (asymptotic freedom). Quite baffling until you hear about QCD :smile:
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