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Coloring SEM and TEM images

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    I saw in some papers SEM colored images. Does any body have an idea about the software that may be used?? and how???
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    Although electrons may have different wavelengths or energies, they do not have color as we see it. The images collected in the SEM are more or less intensity maps of electrons being deflected towards a detector. For typical SEM, the detector has a charge that attracts weak electrons. This is what gives SEM images their characteristic look of bright edges and few shadows.

    But, if you want to make it colored, you can use EDS that attached in SEM. By using EDS, you can use one method that can make the images colored. That method is dot-mapping. Different element show different color as shown below :

    http://kestek.com/images/photomicrograph.gif [Broken]
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    May be you can check digital micrograph..
    Very long back i used it..but never used for coloring...but now i think they have updated
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    As far as I know, SEM/TEM and other metallogrphic images are for the most part colored artificially. There are programs (software) to do that.

    I've looked at metallographs under actual and polarized light. The polarized light produced a somewhat colored image (with different intensities) based on different crystal (grain) orientation, which indicated discrete grain orientation as opposed to continous.
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