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Homework Help: Colors and eye sensitivity

  1. Jan 31, 2013 #1
    The color coordinates of displays for portable electronics such as laptop computers generally provide smaller color spaces than for television. Battery power is a critical limitation on the light sources used for the display and maximum display brightness is desired. Explain why a reduction in color space is helpful with reference to the eye sensitivity function and the CIE diagram. See if you can obtain the color spaces used in portable electronics.

    So what I think to approach the problem:

    looking at the CIE diagram it shows us the corresponding colors region to there wavelengths. If we take a wavelength and look it up on the eye sensitivity diagram we can see the luminous efficiency which has the unit of (lumins/Watt) on the right hand side and eye sensitivity function (v(lamda)) on the left hand side . We also know that the human eye peaks at 555 nm (green light). increasing the voltage would increase brightness, im not sure what my prof means about reducing color spaces is helpful

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    Reducing the color space means reducing the range of wavelengths, yes? And the eye's sensitivity tails off at edges of the space, right?
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