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Colour deconvolution in Matlab

  1. Aug 27, 2010 #1
    Hey all,
    Hope everyone is okay. I have RGB colour images of different types of pathologies. I would like to segment interesting histological feautres from the RGB images based on what colour they are. I have stained them using H&E and want to just have the eosin stain left in my image, a blue/purple colour. I can kind see how to do this and I have defined a background vector from the origin of the RGB colour space, a desired stain vector and an undesired stain vector.

    I have been mapping where the different stains will projection on to the desired vector and the normal vector to the undesired and the desired vectors. I am working in Matlab, because I am only human lol, and have successfully found where the stains should be in terms of the desired and normal vectors by using the dot product with respect to each vector.

    Can anyone imagine away to find out what colour the pixels of the image should be based on their magnitudes along the normal and desired component vectors?

    Thanks for your time
    Physical 101 :redface:
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