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Colpitts Oscilattor

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    Does anyone know how to implement a Colpitts Oscillator using a LM555 timer ?
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    That's like asking what breed of dog to mate your own dog with in order to get kittens.
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    You seem to be more of a dog breeder than an engineer....but thanks anyways
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    What he meant was that: you're using the wrong method for the problem. Although, He might have interpreted it as though you wanted to build the oscillator solely using IC's.

    Basically, I'd say that you'd need the 555 to start the oscillator circuit at a specified time, t, wherein it just runs on free will. So, it would just really be a single trigger starting the oscillation, and a logic gate trigger to maintain it.

    I can't help anymore, I don't know enough about micro controllers at this stage.

    Good luck!
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    Yes, that does help to some extent.

    Thanks a lot
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    Do you want to know how to make a 555 pulse circuit to boot the colpitts, or

    Do you want to know how to build a colpitts that will be booted by the 555? or

    Do you want to boot the colpitts or moduilate the output of the oscillator using a 555 generated waveform?

    Could you use a 555 and filter to generate your oscillation?
    What frequencies are you working at.

    Your question was pretty sketchy.
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