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Columbia APAM (Math/Physics) PHD program

  1. Mar 29, 2014 #1
    link to program

    i'm currently getting masters in applied mathematics (at top 40 univ) and i'm curious about two things:

    1) how hard is it to get into APAM program for PHD?

    2) what are some schools with similar program?

    I really like columbias program but if there's something similar somewhere else I might be interested in that as well. I really dislike how a lot of other top universities put high emphasis on Foreign Language requirement (uhhkkk), require you to take whole bunch of Pure Math class even if you're interested in Applied Math (i saw couple that preferred you take topology). I also have a strong dislike for subject GREs (thankfully many are making this optional).

    My interests are in differential equations, say PDEs. I also have some physics background (one among many reasons i like APAM program). I will also be doing Numerical Methods course(s) soon, I've looked into that and it looks pretty interesting.
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