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Column space

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    so i tried looking it up on various sources including wikipedia, and i am still confused about column space actually is.
    maybe it would help if one of you explained it to me?
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    basically with the row space you have a subspace spanned by the rows (did this unit last semester so kinda hazy :S) with the column space its the same thing but you have to convert the matrix into a useable form. So if you have

    [a b]
    [c d] then to get the rows you need for the column space you flip it to get
    [a c]
    [b d]

    you then do the same row operations as you would for a row space
    hope this helps (and is right :P)
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    The "column space" of an nxn matrix is the subspace of Rn spanned by the individual columns of the matrix, thought of as n vectors.
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