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Combination light trouble

  1. Feb 27, 2013 #1
    I've been working on a breadboard project in which 8 dip switches must be in the right combination in order to light an LED. But it simply refuses to work. I don't exactly know what is happening, so I can't explain the results.

    I have triple checked my logic in both my head and on simulation software, and I am confident my logic is correct. So the errors must either lie in my wiring or a faulty IC chip.

    *EDIT#1* Sorry, I'm really tired right now and accidentally just delete half my post while trying to edit it, so I will just try to diagram it.
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    I'm quite frustrated right now. I almost finished making my diagram, all to get an error and have the diagram deleted. So I really just don't care right now. I'm sure I'm just making some stupid mistake that I just need to calm down and think logically about for a day, so I will not be posting any more on this thread.

    If I get too annoyed with my circuit in a couple days I may just post a picture of it.

    My apologies for the waste of a thread.
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