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Combine two HDs into one

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    I have two hard drives hooking up to my PC and they used up my 4 USB inputs. I am thinking of if we can combine the two to be one, so that we can save two USB inputs. Anyone can help? Thanks
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    Use a USB hub.
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    The extra USB cables are needed to supply extra current to the HDDs in order to reach maximum read/write speeds.

    As stated by russ_watters, the best option would be to use a USB hub - it could be compared to a network router - which basically joins anything from two to eight or more USB devices into maybe one USB port.

    Personally, if you do choose to go down the route of using a hub, I would recommend one with an external power supply since you are effectively splitting the ~5V and ~500mA between many more devices than normal (I can't remember if this is the current specification or not) which may cause them to run slow / not at all.

    Search eBay or Google for more information, alternatively another user or myself can provide links if neccessary.

    Kwah =]
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    First of all, I would like to thanks to all.
    Yes, I am using an USB hub, but as I said I don't like this way. Moreover, sometimes they don't work with the Hub and I have to hook up directly to my PC. I thought of the power inefficiency but it is not right as my hub has an external power supply.
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    You could get a usb PCI card instead of the hub. Maybe that would solve it.
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    The only way you're going to be able to get rid of the second USB connections is to get new enclosures that are powered by wall power rather than drawing from USB power.
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    If you're certain that the 2nd connection on each drive is for power only (which seems like a reasonable assumption) you could get AC to USB power transformers like http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.4837" for those connections.
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    Just use a powered hub. Jeez.

    - Warren
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    He [post=1625103]said[/post] the hub he's using now is powered.
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    Probelm with a hub, even with USB 2, is that it will slow it down (more so than it already is as a HD being run through a USB)
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