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Homework Help: Combined string wave pro.

  1. Feb 13, 2008 #1
    i have a question regarding wave propagation in a string

    suppose two strings of ,one of iron and other of copper are tied to each other at one end . the free end s of both are connected to the wall .

    now a wave triggered in iron string , what happens ?
    it moves through the the length of iron string and reaches the boundary point .

    there are 4 things to be considered
    tension is same through out the combined string
    the boundary point is common to both the strings so wave amplitude must remain same as the wave passes through the boundary . (i have a doubt at this point )

    3) energy must be conserved

    4) frequency must remain same

    what happens????????????
    and what happens when a wave is triggered in copper string?????????
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    Doc Al

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    Consider reflection at the boundary.
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