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Combinging the genetic material of 2 like gametes?

  1. Apr 11, 2004 #1
    Let's say one was breeding a type of animal, and they wanted all males to have certain characteristics, and all females to have a different set of characteristics. If said breeder had 2 female animals with the characteristics it wanted, could the breeder take the genetic material from the unfertilized ovum of female A and implant it in an ovum of female B, and then artificially implant the fertilized ovum into the uterus of one of the females?

    I know this sounds weird, but is it possible, is there anything which would stop the non sex chromosomes from conjoining normally to make a diploid zygote, or anything different between the x chromosome of an ovum and the x chromosome of a sperm?

    Simmilarly, could one take the genetic material out of an ovum and implant the genetic material of one X sperm and one Y sperm?

    Thanks for entertaining my warped mind's curiosity,
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    I once played with this same idea in a PhysicsPost article..
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    Thanks, I actually understood most everything in that article! However, I don't see how a mouse could be conceived from 3 sets of genetic material, were its somatic cells triploid?
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