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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

I am trying to derive the partial differential equation for the change in the ratio (r) of two solute (C1, C2) with time during 1D flow of a reacting advecting-diffusing fluid moving through a porus media. I can define the partial differential equations for the individual solutes and derive the quotient rule to combine them to obtain dr/dt but I cannot work out how to successfully combine the equations. Note: this is not actually a home work question but I have posted else where and had no response.

2. Relevant equations

The problem;

The change in the concetration of C1 in space (x) and time (t) of a fluid moving at velocity (v) with a flux J1 of C1 to the fluid is defined (similarly for C2) as


where D is a longitudinal dispersivity coefficient

and the ratio of C1 to C2 in the fluid (r) is


3. The attempt at a solution

The form of the chain rule to combine them is


from which


But I dont think I am correctly simplifing the equations from here on... can someone please please help? I want the final expression in the form dr/dt= It would be so helpful. Or if someone could tell me if I have this totally wrong that would also really help!

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