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Combining arrays into matrix

  1. Sep 23, 2009 #1

    Currently I have two single dimension arrays. I am interested to know if I can modify program by combining them to a matrix giving same result.
    A(X), B(Y) used for M=P*A(1)+Q*B(2)
    A(X,Y) used for M=P*A(1,Y)+Q*B(X,2)
    Program should understand that it has to multiply only X value of A to P.
    where A(1,Y)=A(1), B(X,2)=B(2)

    Is it possible to do like this? if yes, the how? also whether it can reduce memory utilisation?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Do you want to combine two separate single dimensioned arrays into one two dimensional array? If not, then I don't understand your question. But if so, then it could look like this: M = P * A(1,X) + Q * A(2,Y) where A(1,X) = A(X) and A(2,Y) = B(Y)

    I don't think it will reduce memory utilization. However, dimensioning your array to 1 instead of 2 will reduce memory usage: M = P * A(0) + Q * B(1) or for the two dimensional version M = P * A(0,X) + Q * A(1,Y)
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