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Combining math, cs and economy - Job prospects?

  1. Mar 13, 2012 #1
    Long time reader, first time poster here!

    Scroll down for actual question, here's some back story:

    Within the coming days/weeks I'll send in my university applications here in Sweden but I have yet to decide what subject to choose. This time last year I applied for a 3-year bachelor's program in computer science (basically equivalent to a major in CS and minor in math) and I was planning on continuing with a 2-year master's in CS after that. However, I decided to give up my spot at the uni and work for a year before my university studies.

    During this time I have been questioning my choice of field many times.
    I love computer science and software development, but something was lacking, and I found that in mathematics, the pure and universal beauty and mystique of it has me in awe. I have always really liked mathematics but it was never anything I spent a lot of time with in my free time so I'm having some doubts about a math major as well.

    On top of that, I have always found economy interesting and now it feels like a practical skill that could be useful in many situations.

    I realize that these three fields are very useful for each other, especially math which is a big part of computer science and the kind of economy I'm interested in. The challenge I face is if/how I should combine these interests into a (hopefully) relevant, challenging and lucrative career. Well that's the goal anyway.

    Right now I consider entering a mathematical program with a CS minor (basically math and theoretical cs with algorithms and such). Alternatively doing something similar to a double major in CS and math. And in either alternative somehow getting some economy and finance courses in there. After this I would get an appropriate masters degree.

    But I don't know what kind of jobs this could lead to. Apart from staying in academia, would I just be competing for the engineering jobs with actual engineers? Should I reconsider and choose a different path altogether?

    My question:

    What academic routes do you recommend for someone who has a computer science passion, would love to have a big focus on mathematics (not only applied but more proofs etc) and possibly a touch of economical modeling.

    And what jobs are available that incorporate these subjects?

    I would be extremely grateful to hear the experienced PF community share their insight.

    Thank you!
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