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Combining nonlinear dynamics with the human body?

  1. Jul 30, 2010 #1

    I am a physics student who just finished his bachelor thesis in nonlinear dynamics. I am about to start the physics master programme at my home university (in Germany). Within a year, I will have to start writing my master thesis, so I'm trying to figure out in which domain I want to work. Also, I really like the idea of possibly writing the thesis abroad.

    I like about nonlinear dynamics that it is a universal tool, applicable to all kinds of systems. Another aspect which is important to me is programming. I like that a lot and it's essential for nonlinear dynamics. But I also like maths/analytical computations. These are also essential in nonlinear dynamics. The ratio between analytical and numerical was between 50:50 and 60:40 in my bachelor thesis.

    Also, I kind of sympathize with medicine and the human body in general. I have no academic knowledge of medicine (except for Dr. House ;-) ) but I kind of like the idea of interdisciplinary work and I think it would be interested to apply nonlinear dynamics to the human body. I have another motivation here: My favourite hobby is drawing the human frame and it is essential here to understand how the different parts of the body interact (mechanically). Also, I like the idea of applying physics/maths not only to dead/rigid matter but to life/something plastic. I assume the reason is that 1) at my university, condensed matter physics is most prominent and 2) I applied nonlinear dynamics to a rigid body in my bachelor thesis. Maybe that's why I would like to try something different/plastic/alive. I know there are also other interesting fields here, like anything involving plasma, or fluid dynamics.

    I love the idea of learning something about areas which are new for me (medicine, biology, chemistry...) and applying principles that I am familiar with (maths, numerics, fundamental principles in physics like conservation, flows, symmetry, modeling...) to these new (at least for me) areas.

    In a nutshell, combining two things I like (nonlinear dynamics = analytical+numerical AND the human body) and doing something interdisciplinary would seem interesting. But does such a thing exist or am I just daydreaming?

    Do you know any scientists/groups/institutes doing something even remotely similar to what I described? Or can you give me ideas what to google for, or any kinds of books or general articles illuminating this field or similar fields?
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