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Combustion Forums?

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    Hey folks :smile:

    I am not sure where to put this, but since GD gets so much traffic, I'll put it here for now. I am doing my MS in combustion. PF has always been there for me during my undergrad, but I am getting so deep into my subject that it is getting harder and harder for me to find someone to bounce my thoughts off of. Of course, my advisor and other combustion students at my school are great! But during the summer and during the middle of the night on a Friday night, it's not so easy to find someone for advice. :wink:

    I am really going through the groundwork of combustion right now, and though a lot of things I can figure out on my own, there are just some things I cannot muscle out of my texts. Sometimes assumptions seem crazy to me or a certain approach appears to come out of left field and I want to actually converse about these issues.

    Any suggestions as far as an internet forum that has people who are knowledgeable in the theoretical aspects of combustion? I think that engineering-tips has a combustion sub forum. But I always get the impression the eng-tips is more for the "practicing" engineer and not so much for the blossoming naive student. Is that a bad assumption?

    Any thoughts are appreciated. :smile:

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    Combustion!?! How wow is that? I used to play with matches when I was a kid!

    But I digress. I work with a guy who did his master's on fire protection...not exactly what you're doing but he may know of some sources. I'll talk with him on Tuesday.
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    Thanks lisab!
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    I like to burn things, does that help?
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    I would think that the Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering forums would be appropriate for discussions on combustion. A couple of my thermodynamics books cover some basic theoretical aspects of combustion, mostly from an energy/thermodynamic/chemical aspect.
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    Hey there 'nuc! I would too, but a couple of my thermo/combustion posts have gone unanswered in ME. I have not tried the Chemical engineering forum. I have read the combustion introduction in my thermodynamics texts as well but some of the stuff I have questions on is a little more in depth. I'll keep trying though.
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