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ComCast Cable help

  1. Aug 7, 2013 #1
    I have Windows 7 64 Bit and a USB TV Tuner Stick.

    I live in the State of Pennsylvania in the USA.

    I was going to use the Windows Media Center towatch my Cable TV on just my Computer.

    I have a Cable Box in the Living Room for my main Cable TV.

    But as for me connecting to the Computer I am just pluging the Cable right from the Wall Jack to my Computers USB TV Tuner Stick.

    And yes I know I wont get all the Cable CH. because I am not using any Cable Box and if this was a TV I would need a Analog to Digitle Adapter.

    So I setup Windows Media Center I go to Tasks then Settings then TV then go through setting up my Cable.

    I pick my Area I live in the USA and then I pick the QAM ComCast for my State and City.

    And it scans for all the TV CH and I get a list.

    As I go through to watch eatch one they come in but the only Local TV CH. I pick up are CH.3 and CH. 29 FOX.

    I do pick up some Cable CH. I do not know what they are.

    Is this because ComCast is Broadcasting Digitle but then why would it get CH. 3?
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