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Come join our Srednicki QFT study group

  1. Jun 23, 2013 #1
    (excuse me if I post in the wrong sub-forum)
    I am trying to form a Srednicki QFT textbook study group. We discuss on skype every weekend. We have two members now, and hope to gather 1-3 more.

    Pre-requisit: Prospective applicants should have completed a course on quantum mechanics
    Language: English
    Pace: Approximately 30 pages + exercises every week, plus or minus several pages according to where the last section ends.

    We are planning to have the first discussion this weekend (2013/06/28 Friday or 6/29 Saturday). Even if you see this thread later than this, you're still welcomed to join us, although you may have to spend some time to catch up.

    My skype: seflyer. See you!
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