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Comet 25th may?

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    Hey everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place to post, but here, it says that a commet will hit earth on my 25th (in 4 days), and exactly, the atlantic ocean. That means, it will cause a mega tsunami... Everyone is talking about that here in Morocco (since "we are the first ones to be hit") Can anyone provide any scientific explanation to that ? is it true at all ?
    Here is the link : http://exodus2006.com/cometfrags/Eric-Julien-25-MAY.htm
    If you use google and search for "tsunami may 25th", you'll get a lots of results, and forums talking about that.
    Thank you
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    An article that cites crop circles as evidence for an alien invasion and a meteor strike isn't exactly what I would call credible.
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    I think we need to start a FAQ for our members about "how to identify obvious crackpots". In my opinion, it's an essential skill to be able to identify crazy nonsense as such, and not spend hours worrying about what some anonymous netuser wrote from his basement iMac.
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    thats always a good one


    a lot of health-related things but still a good anti-crackpot site.
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