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Comet Swan

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    George Jones

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    I saw the comet earlier tonight using 15x70 binoculars in the middle of a small city. It's a brighter than (and not too far from) M13, and should be a fairly easy naked eye object in semi-dark skies.

    Anyone had any good views?
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    In what direction should i be looking for it? I'v recenty moved to a more darker part of the area here in seattle in which i have a fairly better view of the night sky.
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    Currently about West/NorthWest around 8pm-9pm

    Still inside the 'keystone' of Hercules

    Will be within a degree of epsilon Herc tonight
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    how long is this comet going to be in view (we have been having cloudy skies)? any good links that will help me see what else is up there, (comets, asteroids, galaxies)?
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