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    My friend is a brilliant artist creating a comic book series called "The Flaw" and wants to know if there are any "cool/artistic" mathematical symbols or symbols used in physics etc that represent failure or some way to convey a "Flaw".

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    None that I know of, though I am no mathematician. There may be some common symbol that engineers use to mark a flaw on a design though I imagine it is probably simple and to the point like a check mark or "X".

    If your friend has not already looked them up he may be interested in these.
    They are Japanese Kanji symbols for "flaw" in various contexts. I think that the context of a flaw such as a flaw in a gem may be rather apropos for a superhero. This character, (not sure if it will show in your browser), would seem to be an interesting one being both "flaw in gem" and "flaw in character". It would be a bit cheesy for a character who is not Japanese though, quite a reminder of those people who go off and get tattoos of japanese characters not knowing what they mean just because they think they are cool.
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    Oh yes, oh yes. Watch out or they'll put a tattoo saying "gaijin" (foreigner) on you. I've seen it happen.

    I guess you could look at something like... =/= for not equal to. That could be considered a "failure" in solving an equation.
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    Chi Meson

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    An upside down capital "T" is a logic symbol meaning "unconditionally false."
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    I have a bunch of pet peeves and this one is near the top of the list.
    They pick one out of a book which stands for something; usually one word, which they could have just put in English. If they wanted someone to be able to read it, that's what they would have done. Instead, they have to assume the book was accurate and instead of people being able to read it, they have to explain it to every person who wants to know (which probably isn't many.) So it really doesn't matter what it says, it just comes down to "it looks cool".
    If I see something that looks cool, I say "hey, that looks cool". Apparently if they see something that looks cool, they say "hey, I want to deface my body with that image for the rest of my life".
    Actually, I think I may hate tribal tattoos more. I don't know, they're both god awful.
    Wouldn't they recognize that it's not the symbol they chose?
    But regardless, like I explained above, it really doesn't even matter. No one they ever meet will be able to read it, and it may even look "cooler" than the stupid one they chose to begin with.
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    It's 2 kanji, even. But trust me, unless you're trained to them, you will forget kanji VERY, VERY quickly, I know this from many, many attempts of looking them up in my dictionary. Add a few beers to that and you've got a tricked dumb tourist.
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    Not A = ~A
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    Can't you just use zero?
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    Chi Meson

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