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Comic Book Science

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    I was reading some of my dads old comics and found some to be innovative in science. I liked how dimensions and universes were involved in Fantastic Four. I also read one called Quasar that addressed particles moving faster than light. I know this is untrue, but I was wondering if anybode else has read stuff like this and or if anything written in one has been proved true?
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    don't know about comicbooks, but I know that there are sci-fi writers like HG wells who predicted the splitting of the atom and other numerous scientific even.Wells inspired other scientists to come further create new physical theories or further improve on existing physical theories.
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    At my old undergraduate school, the University of Minnesota, there is a physics professor named James Kakalios who is nationally known as a sort of "comic book scientist." He's written a book on the physics of comic books. You guys might want to look him up if you're interested.
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