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Coming pandemonium

  1. Jul 18, 2007 #1
    Within 2-10 years all these things will have happened to this planet.

    1: Crash of the american dollar.
    2: Worldwide recession.
    3: Famine and disease catastrophes in 3 world countries.
    4: Rescource wars in the middle east to secure oil rights.
    5: Israel going into Iran backed by the U.S (under the exuse of the nuclear programme)
    6: Suburbian ghost towns will crop up all over the united states as people move back into cities or out to towns and villages.
    7: Indentured servants will be brought back in the us due to the large amounts of people not being able to pay their mortgages when recession hits. (new law passed recently allowing this)
    8: The end of the green revolution.
    9: Massive increase in co2 pollution due to increase in coal plants.
    10: Un-employment sky rocketing in the U.S where 15% of all jobs directly and indirectly cater to the automobile industry.

    All this WILL happen and for 1 reason. Peak oil.

    http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/ [Broken]
    Has all you need to know about peak oil and if you read the paper you will be shocked, depressed and enlightened all at once.
    It is a must read if you have not heard about Peak oil before.

    Daily updates about news covering the oil crisis.

    http://www.cbc.ca/consumer/story/2007/07/09/oilshortage070709.html#skip300x250 [Broken]
    July 9th report that admits that the signs will be clear very soon.
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    Or, we could build a bunch of nuclear power plants.......
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    Exactly. I really think it will be easier to build nuclear plants than to go to war with the rest of the world. Why would we go to war over the rest of the leftover oil if we have a way of making energy that is cheaper than war. There are other sources of power out there man. The only reason we are not using them is because we have oil. We continue to use it because it is there and we're used to using it. Personally, I want oil to peak. It will mean a new form of energy will have to be used and we can finally move on as a society. There will probably be a little trouble, but nothing like what you're talking about.
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    Within the next 2-10 years not nearly enough people that latch onto the proclaimations of anyone minus critical thinking will die to save the human race from destruction through its own ignorance.

    While I acknowledge the problems that are going to be realised when oil and natural gas run out, I don't for a moment think that the human race is so inflexible that all of these will come true.
  6. Jul 18, 2007 #5
    Number 3 on your list has been happening on and off for centuries
    #4, has been going on for decades now, and for water rights, centuries.
    #6 My city {Detroit} couldnt house the people of the burbs.
    # 7 is just too outragious to comment on.
    #10 My area has been laying off/buying out auto related employees, for over 20 years. The unemployment here is already one of the highest in the nation. Most states are unlike Michigan, in the fact that they are not so dependent on autos.

    I also give us more credit, that your Mad Max predictions will not come true.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    We are all going to die!!! There is no doubt about it.

    These are the best of times, and the worst of times, which is nothing new.
  8. Jul 18, 2007 #7


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    WHAT!!!!!! No one told me! I feel so betrayed. I had all these plans lined up for my days as an immortal.:rolleyes:
  9. Jul 18, 2007 #8
    half of those already happened...
  10. Jul 19, 2007 #9

    Ivan Seeking

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    You would probably get a lot more traction if you discussed your concerns without making predictions as if they were written in stone.
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    Nuclear plants do not provide the raw material we need from oil.
  12. Jul 19, 2007 #11


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    What fraction of our oil is used to make plastics and other manufactured goods? Is that really a significant issue?
  13. Jul 19, 2007 #12
    You left out second hand smoke.
  14. Jul 19, 2007 #13

    Chi Meson

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    True, but the oil supply does not "snap shut" after peak. Even if we hit peak today, the "second half" of the oil supply is still to be brought out of the ground (and even the "third half" which is believed to be unretrievable). The first half was the easy, cheap half. The second half will be controlled by a few huge corporations that do not want to go bankrupt. The energy supply already is carefully portioned, rationed, and deliberately squeezed to maximize current and future profits. These oil companies know exactly what they are doing (This is probably why Haliburton inserted an operator into the White House; the Iraq oil fields are an important part of the remaining supply. "Go **** yourself!")

    Simple economics will force us to change our lifestyles for expensive oil, just as our lifestyles have been changed by cheap oil.

    "All this WILL happen." No one, NO one can seem to predict next year correctly. Who among us can predict the next ten years?
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  15. Jul 19, 2007 #14
    nuclear power taking over as the main power delivery system would burn through our remaining uranium in 20 years, not to mention that to replace oil we would need 10.000 of the biggest possible nuclear plants.

    It does not require much to create chaos. during the seventies there was a drop in oil production of 5% it created recessions and petrol lines at the gas stations that were miles long and rationing of fuel.
    imagine what will happen when the drop is 10%... 20%...30%...
    it will happen and there is nothing we can do to prevent it.

    only thing we can do is find alternatives and we do not have the time, we waited to long and peak oil is here now.
  16. Jul 19, 2007 #15
    show me this law that was passed that allows indentured servitude, btw pandemonium literally means all-demon; it's a perversion of pantheon. so unless you mean demons are going to come out of the ground i don't think you mean pandemonium
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  18. Jul 19, 2007 #17


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    There are loads of alternatives. Its is even possible now for a home in the UK to be energy self sufficient using existing photovoltaic cell technology. The only reason homes are not self sufficient is because it would be bad for business and thus government revenue to allow everybody to be energy self sufficient, so the price of converting remains high.
  19. Jul 19, 2007 #18
    it passed in 2005 and was aproved by bush.

    basically it means the landlord can kick you out and to pay off your debts you become property of whatever company bought your debt.
    That company will keep you as an employee until your debt has been paid through work.

    besides Pandemonium will prove a proper description of the coming years.
  20. Jul 19, 2007 #19
    :confused::confused: it doesn't mention anything like that on any site about the reformed bankruptcy law
  21. Jul 19, 2007 #20
    I think you are using the word in the wrong context. I've noticed you take a lot of what people say way too literally sometimes. You dont have Aspergers or something, do you? Sometimes I feel like you dont get the context of the discussion (No offense).

    http://mw1.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pandemonium [Broken]

    There is more than one meaning of the word, as Im sure you are aware.
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