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Commonwealth Games

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    I've never really understood them. Its like the olympics with all the decent competitors taken out except Australia and England. I'm betting most of the Americans on here haven't even heard of them. So is anyone here following them?

    I ask because the Commonwealth Games village is just around the corner from me. I'm sick of spending 2 hours extra in traffic trying to get to work (which happens to be just around the corner from the MCG, the main sporting arena).

    And also, I've been training for a 14km fun run in a couple of weeks. It sucks to go out for a run through the park every morning, only to have 500 athletes overtaking you.

    end rant.
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    Kazzaaa, maate, games time is a time to rue being an expat and biased reporting. I haven't watched the Commonwealth Games yet, watching the Olympics over here was bad enough - there was a vague idea the Aussies were doing pretty well in the pool the first few days, but all I saw were constant re-runs of a couple of pommy synchronised divers winning their bronze :grumpy:
    Must be fun to be in Melbourne right now.
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    Yeah, last medal count I think we were at 46 gold, with england in second behind us at 18. But yeah, I can't wait till the closing ceremony, its gonna be a great night to be out on the town.
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    Commonwealth Games were in my city 12 years ago. I remember it being a really big deal.

    Spirit of '94!

    Canada is third in medals right now btw.
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