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Communicating with alien's

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    Hello people

    I believe that aliens do really exist. I have read many articles about aliens. I am now doing my B-Tech degree in Electronics and Communication engineering. So I naturally have to go through all the latest advances what communication has to offer. I like to be an alien hunter of the skies scanning the horizons looking for aliens and listening to the cosmic symphony. I have been to the SETI website, a rather interesting website, But what it does not provide is how it tries communicates with alien life.

    So if anyone has any experience in this field or has interest in this plz do reply.

    Plz write your thoughts about this.........................

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    Several attempts have been made to communicate with potential alien life by putting messages onboard spacecraft, the first one being the plaque on Pioneer 10:

    You can find more discussion on possible methods of communication with aliens on Wikipedia's page on the subject:

    First you have to find aliens to communicate with them. Since we haven't found any aliens, that hasn't really taken off.

    Haha..good luck with that. Sounds very romantic, unlike real life.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    If one could establish communications with an alien race, it would be a very slow conversation!

    One might consider, running the Seti@home software,

    the Amateur Astronomer projects,

    and I have heard of Amateur SETI projects, like this,

    but I don't know anything about that particular link. At a glance it appeared to be acceptable as a reference.
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