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A Commutation of α and β spins

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    Dear Everyone,

    A simple question. Do α and β spins commute? In other words, can we say αβ = βα ?

    Thank you for your help.
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    What are α and β? And are you considering one or two particles (not that it will make much of a difference, but some context would be nice)?
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    Many thanks Dr. Claude for your reply.

    α and β represent the spins of an electron.

    We are considering here a system of two electrons (i.e. Helium atom).
    The spin wavefunction of a triplet state (S=1 and Ms = 0) is written as:
    |S,Ms> = |1,0> = 1/21/21β2 + β1α2)

    Is it the same if we write:
    |S,Ms> = |1,0> = 1/21/21β2 + α2β1) ?
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    Yes. These are spin states, so equivalent to wave functions, and not operators. The order is of no importance.
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    Thank you once again Dr. Claude for your reply and support.
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