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Comp Eng to CS a wise choice,.

  1. Oct 28, 2007 #1
    As In my other thread I am currently a computer engineering student, and in junior standing but currently have not taken any EE classes and am only up to

    Calc 2
    Linear Algebra
    E & M
    Programming languages.

    I am very weak in math and its a really struggle but physics is even harder as the way my school teaches it is horrible. On my first E & M test the average was a 22 and I got an 11. This test was out of 100. Best part teacher will not curve.

    My true passion is to work with financial systems, I want to do either IT or design applications like the bloomberg terminal. I don't really enjoy the electrical stuff all to much, but don't want to switch from computer engineering to cs as I feel I will not get the right education and dont want to limit myself.

    I have already been in school for 6 semesters and as it stands if I switch to CS I will have 3 more semesters and if I stay in computer engineering I will have 5 more.

    I am really starting to like the CS side of things better than the EE side.

    since cs is offered at my school by the department of engineering, is it still considered a engineering degree.
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  3. Oct 29, 2007 #2
    You sound exactly like me,

    I'm also a computer science major who switched from CE to CS because I really didn't like the EE part of CE and I also have 3 semesters left starting in the Spring. (Except I did take the higher level maths/physics required by a CE and also some EE courses )

    I still get engineering scholarships even though I'm a Comp Sci major but I'm not exactly sure if its considered an engineering degree. I would doubt it.

    But whats it matter? If what you want to do is IT or design applications, you would be more prepared to fulfill that job as a Computer Science major rather than a Comp Eng major.

    Quick question:
    How are you a jr. standing and are only in those courses? Shouldn't you be taking 400 level courses by now?

    Comp Eng focuses more on the hardware side of things, not software. But you could be a Comp Eng major and focus on software by taking all the software electives.

    If what you want to do is design hardware or do embedded systems than go for Comp Eng, if what you want to do is create software systems, go computer science.

    Quick question: You say your only in those classes but are in Jr. Standing and would only have 3 semesters left, that sounds strange. If your at Jr. Level shouldn't you be taking some 400 level courses? That sounds like my 3rd semester.

    If you want a Comp Eng degree because you think its a more "safer" degree, meaning if you can't find a software job you can try and find a hardware job than that is also an option.

    2 questions come up when I read your post:
    #1. How are you in your 6 semester, and if you stayed in Computer Engineering have 5 more semesters?
    #2. If you switched to Computer Science, how would you only have 3 semesters left if your only in the courses you listed?

    I remember taking those courses my 3rd semester.
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  4. Oct 29, 2007 #3
    Mr coffee thanks for replying.

    let me answer yout questions

    If I was to move into CS These will be the following 3 semesters

    Spring 2008
    MTH-241 - Calculus 3
    CSE-305 -Programming Languages
    CSE-341 Computer Organization
    MTH-411- Probability

    Fall 2008

    CSE-396 Theory of Computation
    CSE-421 Operating Systems
    CSE-431 Advanced algorithms

    Spring 2009
    CSE-442 Software Engineering
    CSE-422 Operating system Internals.
    CSE-486Distributed systems

    I say I am a junior as I have 72 credits and can graduate within this year and a senior year which is next.

    If I was to do Computer engineering

    Spring 2008
    MTH-306 Differential equations
    CSE-305 Programming Languages
    EE-202 Circuit analysis 1
    MTH-241 Calculus 3

    Fall 2008
    EE-203 Circuit analysis 1
    CSE-341 Computer organization
    CSE-442 Software engineering
    CSE-379, 380 Microprocessors and its lab.

    Spring 2009
    EE-303 Signal Anal & Trans Meth
    MTH-411 Probability
    CSE-421 Operating systems
    CSE-453 Hw/sw Integ System Design

    Fall 2009
    EE-310 Electronic Devs & Circs
    EE-352 Introduction to Electronics Lab
    CSE-432 Algorithms
    EE-408 Senior Seminar
    EAS-207 Statics

    Spring 2010
    EE-311 Electronic Devices and Circuits II
    CSE-486 Distributed systems
  5. Oct 30, 2007 #4
    Sorry it seems to of not updated the post then posted both my revised messages lol.

    If you really don't have an urge to be a CE it seems like a better choice to go with CS because you'll graduate a ton sooner as well.

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