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Homework Help: Comp Sci Questions

  1. Feb 8, 2005 #1
    Hello all

    If we want to write a recursive method that multiplies two positive integers using repeated additions, we know that: [tex] a\times b = a + (a\times(b-1)) [/tex] Would this be correct:

    Code (Text):
    // pre: a and b are positive
    // post: returning the product of a and b.
    public int mult(int a, int b )

    a*b = a +(a * (b-1))
    if( b ==1)
      return mult(a + a*(b-1)))


    Also if you had:

    Code (Text):

    public void hello(int n )
       System.out.println("hello n = ",n);
       if(n > 1)
       System.out.println("goodbye n = ", n);

    How would you find the output when a 3 is passed? I got a bumch of hellos and goodbyes, but I got it wrong

    Thanks :smile:
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    are these right?
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    The above line is unnecessary.

    Your second return line here is wrong. You're calling mult which should have two arguments...
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    I think it should be:
    System.out.println("hello n="+n);

    Instead of a comma you need a "+".
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