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Compact solar simulator

  1. Dec 14, 2009 #1
    I'm doing an experiment on Solid-State Greenhouse effects. For my setup, ideally, I require a solar simulator lamp capable of fitting inside a 1" diameter (~2.5 cm) quartz tube. The two types best capable of simulating the solar spectrum seem to be:

    1. Quartz Tungsten Halogen lamps - A great blackbody radiation source, but most seem to operate at a temperature ~3300 K (compared to the solar spectrum's 5780 K), essentially these lamps give off a disproportional amount of IR compared to the visual parts of the spectrum.

    2. Short-arc Xenon lamp - Most often seem to come mounted in bulky apparatuses and requires heavy filtering to achieve a reasonably close solar spectrum (hard filters could be tough to fit in a 1" tube).

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