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Company Logos

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    I want to get my company logo put on some hats. All the embroidery shops need to digitize the logo to get a .dst file for their sewing machines. they want to charge $80 to digitize the logo. Is there a free way I can make a dst file myself?
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    http://embroidermodder.sourceforge.net/" [Broken] reads and works with .dst files and the page links to other free ones.

    I haven't worked with any of this embroidery stuff but at some point you may need to "vectorize" a scanned copy of your company logo. http://vectormagic.com/" [Broken] is a great free online tool for doing that.
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    wow, thanks a lot. Now who wants to take my logo and convert it? Anyone? Oh and I need you to pay for the caps as well. jk
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