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Compaq CQ71-401SA keyboard

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    I'm trying to replace the cooling fan on a Compaq CQ71-401SA laptop, but have run into a problem with the keyboard removal. All the manuals that I've found online say that, having removed the relevant screws, I should rotate the keyboard and it will come free from the laptop body, my problem is there is a silver strap connected to the keyboard under the bottom left hand and to the body of the machine across about one or two inches, the strap is very tight and restricts the rotation of the board to about 40 degrees. It is defintly not a ribbon cable, it looks as if it might be some kind of heat conducting material. None of the manuals or forums that I've found show this strap and I cannot see anyway to remove it short of cutting it off. Has anyone had a similar problem?
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    Thanks for the effort but none of these address my problem of the strap that limits the rotation of the keyboard.
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