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Comparing class objects

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    I have a class, say myclass and it takes two strings (let s and g ) and one int ( say i) as its arguments.

    It looks like, public class {

    String s , g;
    int i ;

    public void myclass(String sname, String gname, int k){

    s = sname;
    g = gname;
    i = k;

    Now, I have several objects of this class with different values of s, g and i. I want to compare them for equality. i.e if two class objects have same s g and i value, then i want true as my output.

    I know this can be done by a loop but is there any shorter way to do this?
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    I'm pretty sure object equality has to be done manually by overriding the equality operator and comparing each field of the two objects.
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    A loop isn't appropriate at all. There is no way you can write a loop that will compare two strings and an int in one class instance with variables of the same types in another class instance. You will need to do a comparison in the way that DavidSnider suggests.
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