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Courses Comparison of Courses

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    What do you guys in general think will prove to be more difficult in terms of workload:

    Introductory Macroeconomics
    Introductory Biology
    Introductory Chemistry

    Between Intro to Bio and Intro to Chem, which one would be harder? Note that one of these courses will be used so that I can take 20 credits first semester.

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    Why do you want to take 20 credits your first semester? It is recommended that at a maximum 15 hours be taken in a student's first semester. It sounds like you will be taking 5 courses. Do you plan on having a life outside of the classroom and where ever it is you plan to study?
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    its required for the program I am in
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    Econ is a total blow off for any serious student. Just read the chapters over before class so you can find out from the lecture what the professor considers important. These will largely be based on the professors political views, so you can answer a lot of questions on an into econ test by thinking, what would a republican say or what would a democrat say.

    General bio is hard if you have a hard time memorizing things.

    General chem is hard if your not good at math and memorizing things.

    As courtrigrad said, why would you take 20 credits your first semester? I don't care what kind of a wiz you were in high school, college is different in a lot of ways that have nothing at all to do with work load. At least give yourself a semester to see how different before you test your limits.

    Sorry, should have been Plastic Photon
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    Find out about the professors. Any of those classes could be very difficult given a professor who makes it difficult. I would agree though that Econ would probably be the easiest.
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    Keep in mind that the Bio and Chem classes probably have a lab section that comes with it and these can be very time consuming with all the writeups you have to do. The Econ route is probably more viable given that it will put you at 20 units. I am assuming that your other classes, which you did not mention, will not be mickey mouse classes, ie: of the physics and math persuasion?

    As far as deciding between Bio and Chem, I would take the advice that's already been given and check with Professors and students who have taken the class. Sometimes the intro Bio classes use a little of the stuff from intro Chem, so there might be an issue of one being a pre-req for the other.
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