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Compensation using thermistor

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    Thermistors---THERMally sensitive resISTOR are used to make temperature sensitive devices useful in temperature control circuits. This high sensitivity to temperature changes makes the thermistor extremely useful for precision temperature measurements, control and compensation.

    My question is what is compensation? How are thermistors used as compensating devices?
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    I suppose if some property of a circuit changes with temperature, and that change can be compensated for by a change in resistance, then that is the compensation they might be alluding to.
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    Thank you for replying, but can someone explain in detail how this works?
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    Thermistors are usually used in bridge ckts (Resistive) where the stability and sensivity of Thermistor is enhanced when present in the Bridge ckt.
    Small changes in temperature correspondingly change the resistivity of the Thermistor and a device ( DRO or something ) is caliberated accordingly to measure the transduced energy.
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