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Compensator realization

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    all these things that we learn in control systems...how are they applied in practical situations?
    for example, we design compensators using bode plot or root locus and we get its transfer function. After that how is the compensator realized??
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    It can be realized in an analog circuit that has the same gain and frequency response that your compensator has (same transfer function). Imagine your compensator transfer function has a DC gain of 60 and a pole at 2000 Hz. You can design an opamp filter with this same transfer function.

    Another route taken is to convert your compensator in the Z-domain with a digital approximation of your analog transfer function. With the z-domain and the mapped transfer function, you can obtain a function that uses past sampled inputs (negative feedback) to arrive at a simple difference equation that is easily implemented in a digital system like a microcontroller or FPGA.
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    thanks..that is really helpful!
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