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Compiler running or not?

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    I want to know if there is any compiler running in the background when I open applications such as MS office or calculator. Also, if there is any compiler running when I save any office documents or open web browser and start browsing. I get this doubt because I believe that all that is processed in computer is converted to binary numbers, so that means there should be an intermediate that should convert all the processes to binary and therefore, compiling is a must. Thanks.
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    All of the programs that you run on modern computers were compiled (parts of them may have been assembled, but that doesn't change anything) and none of them have any compiler running on your computer unless you are a software developer and specifically have one of your code-sets open in a compiler to work on.

    MS Office has an interpreter that runs under the hood but it's not in use much of the time and it is not anything you need to worry about.
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