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Compiling a program in Unix

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    I have a climate modelling program that I need to somehow get to work. I have no experience with Unix whatsoever, so for me this is not a trivial task. I attached a screenshot of what I have. I need to compile the program and since there is a Makefile in my directory, I guess I have to use the command 'make', but that gives me an error. Any ideas?

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    It says it can't find f90, which is a Fortran compiler. Do you have f90 installed on your system?
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    No, I don't. I am using Putty, which I thought would give me remote access to the university system, which has everything installed. But it doesn't work like that?
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    The uni system may well have a Fortran 90 compiler, but it might not be called "f90".

    We can't give you much specific advice about your local computer network, for the obvious reason! It's easy enough set up "make" to use the names of your local software development tools, but I think your best option is persuade a local expert to spend a few minutes helping you do that, rather than trying to do it "blind" from this forum.
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