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Complete system restore

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    I have an HP desktop running vista. I am wanting to do a complete system restore to restore back to original settings. I can only find where to restore to a prev. back-up. How do I go about this--HELP
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    You might want to call HP support, they are really good. I bought a new HP because of their support. 2 thumbs up. The only down side is that they will call you for two weeks after they've resolved your problem to make sure everything is still ok.
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    Usually there's a second "hidden" partition on the hard drive used to restore to factory settings on OEM computers. Reboot your system, and try pressing various function keys, F12, F10, F9, F8, F2, F1, ..., usually one of these will boot into a system recovery mode. In some cases, you may have a set of cd-roms used to do a system restore.
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