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News Complete World Governence?

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    When I watch any of the speeches from the president or some other high ranking politician they almost always make remarks on how to advance the U.S.A to a superior status.Only on rare occasion do they mention Global action and advancement for everybody.Everything seems like a competitive race.

    I was just wondering how long this pattern will be able to continue.Eventually something will disrupt it and the out come could be good like a treaty or pact,or it could be bad like a war.
    The world needs to organize it self into 1 single entity as fast as possible or it will just keep tugging on the planet in each individual nations way.There are global problems facing the Earth and only global action can fix it.

    As of right now I cant imagine things really getting better without getting alot worse first.Can anyone here think of a scenario where a global government is set in place with out there being the immediate need for one cause of a bad situation.If so please share.
    Oh and how long do you think it will be before it happens.
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    What would be the difference if the world was run under one government rule? They would still need seperate groups of ppl to run seperate parts of the world theres no way a single person could dominate the entire world, this isn't a video game.

    People will still have their own opinions and differing views especially on a global scale... I don't see how this will solve anything.
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    I never said 1 single person.Just a system that unites everyone.That system is up to the people to organize.If it were set it would put a stop to war so theres one thing it would solve.

    Also I know everyone has their own views,thats why I think it would be so hard to create something like a global governance.
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    I was exagerrating but how exactly would a government operate from say China to enforce itself in USA? It can only do that by having seperate governing entities... at a global level this is rediculously difficult and for pretty much all purposes gets rid of the entire point of having the 'global governing body' anyways.
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    it seems that http://sovereignty.net/p/sd/strong.html [Broken] was working on that.
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    When Jesus christ come down to earth.
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