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Completeness theorem

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    Need an elementary logic book that completely covers the completeness theorem (no pun intended).
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    What do you mean by the "completeness theorem"? I know of Goedel's incompleteness theorem. If that is what you mean, I honestly don't think an elementary logic book could! In my opinion, Nagel and Neumann's book "Goedel's Proof" is probably the simplest.
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    Gödel proved a completeness theorem in addition to his two incompleteness theorems for logic. There are probably other 'completness theorem's too both in logic and in other contexts, so it's not clear that's the one the OP means.

    If the OP does mean Gödel's completeness theorem, I imagine it should be in just about any good introductory text on formal logic. (i.e. a text meant to teach the discipline of formal logic, rather than an 'introduction to proofs in mathematics'-type book)
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    Yes, Godel's completeness theorem. Any specific ones? I am looking for the most basic one available.
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