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Completing BS Physics w/ Math minor. Which masters program?

  1. Jan 27, 2012 #1
    I am currently on track to completing my BS in Physics w/ a Math minor; I should be graduating May of next year (2013) and I'm trying to decide where to go from there. I have a strong interest in medical science, primarily oncology and to be more specific, genetic level treatment and possible beneficial uses of knowledge gleaned from cancer cells. My other major area of interest is aerospace simply because I love to fly. I wanted to be an Air Force pilot but apparently I'm already too old at 27 (29 when graduated) to have a serious application to Air Force flight school; the same restriction holds for Navy and USMC. I've considered taking the medical route with the idea of earning enough to afford a flight hobby but I'm not sure what the pay is like as an oncology researcher or if I'm on track for something like that anyway. Ultimately I'll be applying for an Astronaut slot which is why I'm also drawn to something in the realm of Aersopace Engineering. I don't claim to have any real idea of what I'm doing here or what my next step should be so any educated advice would be greatly appreciated. I know what I want my future to look like, I'm just trying to work out the steps. Thanks in advance.
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