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Complex amplitude,Feynman diagrams

  1. Dec 8, 2004 #1
    A physical process can be represented by Feynman diagrams, each with a complex amplitude.
    Squaring the sum of these amplitudes gives the rate at which a process occurs.
    Since a rate can be a frequency,doesn't this imply that before the sum of amplitudes is squared, we are dealing with the square root of a frequency?
    Is a complex amplitude just the square root of a frequency,and how can it
    be when a frequency is a real number?
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    HINT:Write [itex] \omega =|M_{1}+M_{2}|^{2} [/itex],where M1and M2 are 2 complex numbers (the scattering probabilitiy amplitudes) and omega is a real number (the frequency).Try to see whether it makes any sense the formula implied by the problem (the one obtained putting radicals of order 2 over both sides of the eq.i posted).My guess is not.

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