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Analysis Complex Analysis by Gamelin

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  1. Feb 5, 2013 #1


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    Table of Contents:
    Code (Text):

    [*] Preface
    [*] Introduction
    [*] The Complex Plane and Elementary Functions
    [*] Complex Numbers
    [*] Polar Representation
    [*] Stereographic Projection
    [*] The Square and Square Root Functions
    [*] The Exponential Function
    [*] The Logarithm Function
    [*] Power Functions and Phase Factors
    [*] Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
    [*] Analytic Functions
    [*] Review of Basic Analysis
    [*] Analytic Functions
    [*] The Cauchy-Riemann Equations
    [*] Inverse Mappings and the Jacobian
    [*] Harmonic Functions
    [*] Conformal Mappings
    [*] Fractional Linear Transformations
    [*] Line Integrals and Harmonic Functions
    [*] Line Integrals and Green's Theorem
    [*] Independence of Path
    [*] Harmonic Conjugates
    [*] The Mean Value Property
    [*] The Maximum Principle
    [*] Applications to Fluid Dynamics
    [*] Other Applications to Physics
    [*] Complex Integration and Analyticity
    [*] Complex Line Integrals
    [*] Fundamental Theorem of Calculus for Analytic Functions
    [*] Cauchy's Theorem
    [*] The Cauchy Integral Formula
    [*] Liouville's Theorem
    [*] Morera's Theorem
    [*] Goursat's Theorem
    [*] Complex Notation and Pompeiu's Formula
    [*] Power Series
    [*] Infinite Series
    [*] Sequences and Series of Functions
    [*] Power Series
    [*] Power Series Expansion of an Analytic Function
    [*] Power Series Expansion at Infinity
    [*] Manipulation of Power Series
    [*] The Zeros of an Analytic Function
    [*] Analytic Continuation
    [*] Laurent Series and Isolated Singularities
    [*] The Laurent Decomposition
    [*] Isolated Singularities of an Analytic Function
    [*] Isolated Singularity at Infinity
    [*] Partial Fractions Decomposition
    [*] Periodic Functions
    [*] Fourier Series
    [*] The Residue Calculus
    [*] The Residue Theorem
    [*] Integrals Featuring Rational Functions
    [*] Integrals of Trigonometric Functions
    [*] Integrands with Branch Points
    [*] Fractional Residues
    [*] Principal Values
    [*] Jordan's Lemma
    [*] Exterior Domains
    [*] The Logarithmic Integral
    [*] The Argument Principle
    [*] Rouche's Theorem
    [*] Hurwitz's Theorem
    [*] Open Mapping and Inverse Function Theorems
    [*] Critical Points
    [*] Winding Numbers
    [*] The Jump Theorem for Cauchy Integrals
    [*] Simply Connected Domains
    [*] The Schwarz Lemma and Hyperbolic Geometry
    [*] The Schwarz Lemma
    [*] Conformal Self-Maps of the Unit Disk
    [*] Hyperbolic Geometry
    [*] Harmonic Functions and the Reflection Principle
    [*] The Poisson Integral Formula
    [*] Characterization of Harmonic Functions
    [*] The Schwarz Reflection Principle
    [*] Conformal Mapping
    [*] Mappings to the Unit Disk and Upper Half-Plane
    [*] The Riemann Mapping Theorem
    [*] The Schwarz-Christoffel Formula
    [*] Return to Fluid Dynamics
    [*] Compactness of Families of Functions
    [*] Proof of the Riemann Mapping Theorem
    [*] Compact Families of Meromorphic Functions
    [*] Marty's Theorem
    [*] Theorems of Montel and Picard
    [*] Julia Sets
    [*] Connectedness of Julia Sets
    [*] The Mandelbrot Set
    [*] Approximation Theorems
    [*] Runge's Theorem
    [*] The Mittag-Leffler Theorem
    [*] Infinite Products
    [*] The Weierstrass Product Theorem
    [*] Some Special Functions
    [*] The Gamma Function
    [*] Laplace Transforms
    [*] The Zeta Function
    [*] Dirichlet Series
    [*] The Prime Number Theorem
    [*] The Dirichlet Problem
    [*] Green's Formulae
    [*] Subharmonic Functions
    [*] Compactness of Families of Harmonic Functions
    [*] The Perron Method
    [*] The Riemann Mapping Theorem Revisited
    [*] Green's Function for Domains with Analytic Boundary
    [*] Green's Function for General Domains
    [*] Riemann Surfaces
    [*] Abstract Riemann Surfaces
    [*] Harmonic Functions on a Riemann Surface
    [*] Green's Function of a Surface
    [*] Symmetry of Green's Function
    [*] Bipolar Green's Function
    [*] The Uniformization Theorem
    [*] Covering Surfaces
    [*] Hints and Solutions for Selected Exercises
    [*] References
    [*] List of Symbols
    [*] Index
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