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Complex Beta-expansion

  1. Jul 4, 2011 #1
    Ok, I am completely taken over by bases, they're too fun. Recently i was working with base phi (1.61803..) and some complex bases such as quater-imaginary (2i) and 'dragon base' (-1+i) and i wondered:

    ->Is there an irrational complex base that can finitely represent positive integers?

    Examples of previous radix systems:
    base 10 => base phi => base 2i => base -1+i

    3 =====> 100.01 ==> 3 =====> 1101
    4 =====> 101.01 ==> 10300 ==> 111010000
    5 =====> 1000.1001 => 10301 => 111010001
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