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Complex Engineering Puzzle

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    Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    Distribute 20 lbs of pressure in 5 hours, the numbers Must be Odds and each hour must have a value; you cant use even numbers, nor frations, just positives completes!!

    wich are the values??
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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    I'm sorry, dude, but that question doesn't really make any sense as presented. Can you express it a bit more accurately?
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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    errr wouldnt one of the numbers have to be zero for this to work?? otherwise you would always get at least one even number... right?
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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    There is not one single answer, but here is one possible answer:
    midnight - 1
    1 0'clock - 1
    2 0'clock - 1
    3 0'clock - 1
    4 0'clock - 1
    5 0'clock - 15
    That's an odd number at each hour, and 20 in 5 hours.
    NBAJam100, zero is an even number.
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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!


    your solution takes 6 hours (rounding up). There is no solution to this question for 5 hours.
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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    You could wait until daylight savings to switch, then 5 hours magically becomes 4 or 6, and you're golden.

    Technically, Jimmy's takes 5 hours, not 6 hours, it's just that it doesn't take up a full hour. So he's assuming (for example):

    12:30:00 - 1
    1:30:00 - 1
    2:30:00 - 1
    3:30:00 - 1
    4:30:00 - 1
    5:29:59 - 15

    Hence, the "hour" of midnight has 1 in it, and the "hour" of 1 has 1 in it, etc. At least, that's my understanding of his answer.

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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    Round down.
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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    Your solution takes 4 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Mine takes 5 hours.
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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    That gets into the discussion of whether or not you can measure an infinitesemal unit of time, of course-- I was just going by the "normal" measure of time which is to say that since the majority of the full second at 5:30:00 lies AFTER the 5 hour mark, you usually measure the hour to the tail end of the preceeding second. Sort of like why 12:00:00 is PM instead of AM or just "M". The time between the instant it hits 12:00:00 and the instant it hits 12:00:01 is for all intents and purposes 100% (immeasurably smaller) in PM rather than "M", and hence is considered "PM".

    But that's just semantics.

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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    The problem specifies that you must do it in 5 hours. Your solution is over the range of [0,5] which takes more than 5 hours, and is therefore an invalid solution. You need a solution that is in the range (0,5) or (0,5] or [0,5).
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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    It's not actually taking more than 5 hours-- it's taking *exactly* 5 hours (rounding up or down will yield the same result), and is assuming something that's physically impossible, but mathematically correct. If you imagine a square aligned in the XY plane, for instance, with 1 corner at the origin, and side lengths of 5, the corner on the Y axis isn't at 0,4.9999...., it's at 0,5. So he's basically assuming you can distribute it instantaneously.

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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    good point... hahaha
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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    The length of (0,5), (0,5], [0,5) and [0,5] were all 5 when I went to school.
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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    There must be a value each hour. But maybe a value anytime. So, it´s easy...
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    Re: Complex Engineering Puzzle!!!

    The riddle is impossible, junglebeast is correct.
    The riddle states that every hour must have a value,
    This doesnt mean each period of time ending in 00 has a value.

    That means every 60 minute interval must have a value.
    there are only 5 hours in 5 hours (obviously) thus you must have 5 numbers.
    Jimmys solution is providing 6. Thus invalid

    The reason it is impossible is, if you must chose 5 numbers that add up to 20 it is impossible without chosing an even number.
    Any odd number times an odd number creates an even number, always.
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