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Complex Mathematical Puzzle

  1. Apr 26, 2009 #1
    Complex Mathematical Puzzle!!!

    Distribute 20 lbs of pressure in 5 hours, the numbers Must be Odds and each hour must have a value; you cant use even numbers, nor frations, just positives completes!!

    wich are the values??
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    Re: Complex Mathematical Puzzle!!!

    Well technically 0 is a value, so

    hour 1 = 17
    hour 2 = 1
    hour 3 = 1
    hour 4 = 1
    hour 5 = 0.

    If 0 is not counted then there is no real solutions.
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    Re: Complex Mathematical Puzzle!!!

    two odds always make an even. 2n+1 + 2n+1 = 4n+2. Since any integer 2n is always even, 4n is also always even. And any even number plus 2 is always even. This also implies 4 odds always make an even.

    Then to add an odd to the even number makes it odd

    Thus this problem has no solution.

    If 0 is acceptable then it has a few solutions.
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    Re: Complex Mathematical Puzzle!!!

    Zero isn't odd in any system of defining 'odd' I've ever heard of. I'm not sure what the point of this problem is. Anybody have any idea?
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    Re: Complex Mathematical Puzzle!!!

    The answer is you can't
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