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Fortran Complex number in fortran 90

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    i have a a little problem in fortan90 i just wanted to know how to input a complex number ( input real and img part alone ) all i want to do is to make a simple program about DeMoivres Theorem i have been around in google
    all i know how to declare a argument as complex
    complex a
    then how to let the user input the real and img part for argument a
    i did read(*,*)a
    every time it give runtime error :)
    thanks in advance
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    A google search with fortran90 and complex returned quite a few links.

    In any case, if you want to read a complex number straight into variable 'a', for example, as you show above, you need to enter your value as a complex number, i.e., enclosed in parenthesis, in other words, you type, say, "(1.43, 22.3)"
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    thanks guys for helping specially gsal i used your idea and its works thank a lot n7vc8.jpg
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