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Complex number values

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    I have solutions for eigenvalues to be

    λ1=i-1 = √2 e^i(3∏/4) and
    λ2=i+1 =√2 e^i(∏/4)

    How do you go from the i-1 to the next bit for both?

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    Just wondering for λ1=i-1 = √2 e^i(3∏/4) , I get the angle phi to be -∏/4 so if the angle is negative do you take it as a rule to add on ∏?
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    The angle isn't -∏/4.
    If it were, the corresponding expression would be 1 - i.
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    You can add 2∏. When you add ∏, you are multiplying by -1.
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